Blog Disclosure Statement

The primary aim of this blog is to educate readers on ways to use frequent flyer points to access luxury travel experiences. All the opinions expressed on this site are our own. We’ve chosen to include a disclosure statement here because we want to be honest and transparent about what we do and how we work. Occasionally we may receive a form of compensation (financial or otherwise) from our posts.

Affiliate links
The Upgrade Collective currently works with a small number of affiliate partners.  If you use an affiliate link on our site, it means that we receive financial compensation if you click on a link or purchase or apply for a product from the site we are partnered with.  Your support helps us with the costs of maintaining this website.

Referral links
From time to time, The Upgrade Collective may publish content which includes access to our unique referral link.  If you use our referral link, it means that we receive a non financial benefit of some kind (i.e. a travel credit or frequent flyer points) if you click on a link or purchase or apply for a product from the site we are partnered with.  We will clearly disclose the use of a referral link (and any benefit we may receive when you use it) within the relevant post.

Travel, accommodation, product and other miscellaneous reviews
The reviews we publish are generally paid for independently (usually with frequent flyer points!).  We only publish reviews of products and services we are genuinely passionate about and all our opinions are our own.   If we do receive any subsidised travel, accommodation, products or services for the purpose of reviews on our site, we will clearly disclose this within the relevant post.

We encourage you to always undertake your own independent investigations of any product or service before committing to purchase or apply.