Earn generous frequent flyer points with an Air New Zealand Airpoints credit card

If you love the idea of earning credit towards flights, simply through everyday spend, an Air New Zealand Airpoints Credit card might be a good addition for your wallet. With The Upgrade Collective, it’s never been easier to find out more about the best Airpoints credit cards.

The benefits of an Air New Zealand Airpoints credit card explained

The Upgrade Collective brings you deals for top Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards so that you can take advantage of the best card perks. Some of the Airpoints credit cards we cover offer valuable perks like bonus Airpoints Dollars complimentary airport lounge invites and free domestic and international travel insurance to help you get ahead. Some Airpoints credit cards even offer discounted membership to the Koru Club!

We continue to research Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards to keep you up-to-date – our in depth articles outline what an Airpoints credit card could do for you and your upcoming travel plans.

If you want to start earning Airpoints Dollars simply through everyday spend, read The Upgrade Collective and find out about some of the best deals available. Our site links to secure, mobile friendly application forms housed by credit card provider websites – and the small commission we earn on popular Airpoints credit cards helps to keep The Upgrade Collective going, so we can continue to bring you all the latest news and tips about stylish living and travel.