Qantas to upgrade Auckland Airport Lounge

Qantas has announced a full refurbishment of the Qantas Lounge at Auckland Airport.

The announcement comes on the back of stunning 2018 financial year results, with Qantas Group posting a record profit of AU$1.6 billion before tax.

Currently operating as separate business class and first class lounges, the new Qantas Auckland Lounge will be configured as a single, mixed-use space.

The new lounge design will incorporate concepts from recent Qantas’ international lounges in Singapore, Hong Kong and London while focussing on New Zealand food and wine.

The refurbishment of the Qantas Auckland Lounge – now arguably well overdue for an update – will come as welcome news to Qantas trans-Tasman travellers, many of whom opt to use the Emirates Auckland Lounge instead.

In addition to the Qantas Auckland Lounge, a number of other lounges will also be refurbished in the near future. These include:

  • Sydney International Qantas First Lounge (an upgrade of the Sydney International Qantas Business Lounge is already in-train)
  • Tokyo Narita Lounge
  • Brisbane International Lounge, and
  • several regional lounges.

An opening date for the combined Auckland lounge will be announced in the coming months.

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