Air New Zealand introduces Economy Stretch

Addressing head-on the biggest complaint of flyers, Air New Zealand has announced an enhanced Economy product to deliver more comfort on long-haul flights.

By late 2020, its entire widebody fleet, including 777-200, 777-300 and 787-9 aircraft will be configured with up to 42 seats called a “stretch zone” at the front of the Economy cabin.

Not only will there be a spacious 35 inches pitch seat (distance from seatback to seat back), but also premium headsets and pillows. Economy and Premium Economy seats start with pitches of 31 and 41 inches respectively.

While the product is positioned between Premium Economy and Economy, there is no reported intention of scaling back on Premium Economy services. As Air New Zealand Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) notes…

“While our premium cabins will remain the first choice for those wanting all the luxuries, Economy Stretch is a step-up at a competitive price, and we’re confident it will appeal.”

Combine this with good airline food, service and free Wi-Fi and it’s easy to see Air New Zealand stealing another march on its competitors, just as it did with the Skycouch. Pricing and other details are yet to emerge.

Will you be one of the first to sample Economy Stretch?

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